Sunday, January 10, 2010

Worry and Fear

Are you worried?
Are you scared?
Are you miserable?


Worried, scared and miserable are all twins...
So, if you feel worried, you are scared and miserable,
if you are scared, you are worried and miserable,
if you are miserable, you are worried and scared..

We must overcome them

Our worries are created by our own mind.
If only we can see things in a bigger picture,
bigger perspective, nothing in live is permanent..
and that it is our own mind that is imagining all the unwanted wild worries, sacredness, miserableness..

Learn how to control your mind and heart..

Whenever you are worried, don't sulk to any tom, dick and harry.. NEVER
Only sulk to people who can help you..
It is not hard to keep a smiling face.. IF ONLY YOU TRY....

"Try doing something for someone" - it can be the best cure for fear...

"Worry dries up the blood sooner than age"

If you can learn how to enjoy others happiness, you will be in good moods.
This is because, you don't let your mind to keep thinking about your WORRIES and FEAR...

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