Sunday, January 17, 2010


Drunkenness expels reasons,
Drowns memory,
Defaces the brain,
Diminishes strength,
Inflames the blood,
Causes incureable external and internal wounds,
Is a witch to the body,
A devil to the mind,
A thief to the purse,
The beggar's curse,
The wife's woe,
The children's sorrow,
The picture of a beast,
Ans self murder,
Who drinks to other's heath,
And robs himself of his own. - Buddha

Its final result can never be anything but utter physical and moral degradation..


  1. don't drink alcohol XD its bad lah... ehehe
    good day to you.. nice post

  2. Alcohol and liquor are the father of all evils..Its started there when one cannot judge between right and wrong.

  3. Alleo- i don't drink.. just sip.. good day to you too

    Penulis - Alcohol is BAD... stay away.. ahah