Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Knowing the truth of certain stuffs may HURT.
But being able to accept the truth is a wise man.

Everyone thinks that being truthful is very important in a relationship or friendship.
But they fail to understand that some truth is better kept as a secret than to disclose it for further arguement.
There are both good consequences and bad consequences with telling the truth.

Joke : a salesperson came to the house and was ringing the bell again and again, the small boy answered and said "my mum is in the toilet SHITTING"..  the mother came running quickly and asked "who was that?", "a guy, asking for you but i said you were in the toilet shitting, so he left" the boy said.. 

Now, the question is, we always teach children to tell the truth, but ain't something supposed to be left unsaid?? (probably a lie would have been better, or maybe somethings we should just not say)

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