Monday, January 11, 2010

Time will heal our wound

Trouble/ problem/ worries/ sadness passes..
What has caused you to burst into tears today will soon be forgotten.
You might remember that you cried and forget why you cried for..

As we grow up, we may find it surprising on how we lie awake at night just to think about what has upset us during the day and let the same thought run through our mind on how to get our back toward the other person who harmed us.

and wonder later on WHAT REALLY GOT US SO ANGRY ABOUT..
don't be surprised, by the time we realise it, we will be thinking on WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY to get angry when we can actually be happy..

All troubles, however hard it may be, the time will heal our wounds..
There must be something we can do to prevent ourselves from being hurt in the first place...
Why should we allow other people and trouble to drain our energy??
and eventually make us unhappy??

The problem is, THEY do not make us unhappy, it is WE who make ourselves unhappy.

We never blame our own mistakes...
We always feel it is more easier to blame others..

So, doing this means trouble.. unhappiness..
We must be calm..
We must resolve our own problem
We must not blame others.. (take it like a man)

Be prepared to solve all difficulties...


  1. yes...the best medicine is time
    nanged u.