Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do not worry

Why worry about tomorrow when you never know what will happen?
Why worry about yesterday when you know nothing can change it?
Why worry about now when all you gotta do is LIVE?

So tell me why WORRY?

There is no secret to happiness and successful living..
So why think about it?

Many worry thinking of their future..
Some worry about what they did yesterday..
but is there anyone who think about what to do now?

Some YES, some NO..
But who cares about YES and NO??

All we gotta learn in this world is to ADJUST according to circumstances of our daily life..

Throw away about what is going to happen tomorrow..
Throw away about what happened yesterday..
Think about what you going to do now to make sure you have a happy life.

Yesterday is Past, Tomorrow is Future.. TODAY IS PRESENT..
Enjoy today, forget about yesterday, live for tomorrow..
Be happy that you can always see sunshine tomorrow...