Monday, January 25, 2010

Do we pray to the same GOD or what?

Many religion in a country / world.
Many people think that Chinese, Malay, Indian, Sikh, Christian pray to different god,(please forgive if i did not mention other religions)
BUT are we really praying to MANY god or ONE god?

From what all the SAINTs (all race/religion) whom have sat down and meditate,
they say they only see 1 god.
You can be and INDIAN and pray to many god which we see in the temple,
but there is 1 god up there which we cannot see.

The chinese pray to the gods in the tokong, aren't they almost the same to the INDIAN gods?
Kuan Yin is know as Mariamman
Shu Wu Kong is know as Hanuman.
and many other god which is almost the same.

Even all this god, pray to the 1 god up there.
which WE, do not see, do not know.

So what if you are an INDIAN?
So what if you are a CHINESE?
So what if you are a CHRISTIAN?
So what if you are a MALAYS?

What is so great?
You are only great when i look at you.
You physical. The color of you body.
The race/religion which is stated on your birth certificate.
You know who you are, because of what your parents told you.

Just imagine being borned in a Chinese family but your color is dark.
When you walk in the street, people will claim you as INDIAN.
So tell me- NO, tell YOURSELF, are we suppose to differentiate ourself just because of skin color?
birth certificate?

Think for yourself, being close minded is so sad. you don't get to do this, you don't get to do that.
LEARN to respect other.
what is wrong in respecting?

Do you die just because you respect?

A person with a big HEART, is like having big WEALTH...
We are all god's children.. do not belittle the other person


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