Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wise man

"Wheresoever fear arises, it arises in the FOOL, not in the wise man,"- words by Buddha

Life is something we create.
before dying, in our daily life,
we always pray that we BORN in a better family in our next life.

But is it for us to choose?
we can actually choose which family we want to be born in our next life
if we do GOOD.
don't do bad if you wanna be born in a good family..
when we say good
we refer to things like the 10 commandment in the BIBLE

So tell me, being normal human, can you follow the 10 commandment?
YES?? NO??

I would say, never say YES, neither say NO because there will be moment where you cannot decide at THAT VERY MOMENT are you doing bad or not.
all we do is what YOUR heart says..
"hey, this is correct, go ahead"

when you start doubting your actions, then you gotta be careful, because it might not be correct.

So think twice when you wanna make a decision...
and remember never say this " because of him/her, i did this"
because it will show how stupid you are as to YOU GOT NO BRAINS....

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